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Multiply your profit with developments by

Urban Property Developers

Thinking of developing you property? You’re about to venture into an exciting new world that will help shape your future.
The key to any successful development project is to minimize your risk by partnering with Urban Property Developers.
At Urban Property Developers, we offer the complete design and property development service, driven by a single objective – minimise your project’s cost and risk and to maximise your profit. Whether you’re considering a duplex, triplex, multi-unit or apartment development, we’ll draw on our experience and expertise to deliver a stylish, cost-effective design solution.
As one of the leading property development companies in Victoria, Urban Property Developers have established a reputation for excellence in delivering property development projects of all sizes. 
Let us guide you through every aspect of your investment property development from start to finish.

The property development specialists

Applications, approvals, site preparation, construction, R-Codes – developing land is time and mind consuming. At Urban Property Developments, we’re purposely set up to take care of everything from start to finish.
Whether you’re considering a duplex, triplex, multi-unit or apartment property development, our dedicated team of property developers will work with you from the outset to create a stylish, cost-effective solution that unlocks your site’s full potential.

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